Do I need a referral to set an appointment?
No. Your general dentist may refer you to our office, but a referral is not needed to set an initial visit.

At what age do you typically start evaluating patients?
There is no set age; However, we can start evaluating around age 6 or 7 (earlier if your dentist notices something that may need early intervention).

What is your insurance policy?

Our office will file your insurance for you as a courtesy.  Please note that your insurance company requires that we submit your social security number with your claim.  If you do not wish to submit this information, your claim may be rejected by your insurance company, resulting in additional out of pocket expenses!  For insurance plans with whom we participate, we will automatically file the claim.

What are your office hours?
During the traditional school year, we are open 8am-430pm Monday through Thursday. Our summer hours are 8am-330pm Monday through Thursday. We alternate between our two offices, please call to confirm which office we are in if you are planning on stopping by. 

Can patients use either office?
Yes. We can see patients and perform all services at either office, just let us know if you would like to switch offices for your visit so that we can have your chart available and schedule accordingly.

What if I have a problem with my braces?
Simply call the office and we will set an appointment. If it is after hours, call our office and our voice mail will direct you to emergency contact numbers.

Does your office require a down payment?
Our office only requires a down payment if you are an Invisalign case. We offer monthly payments with no down payment required for orthodontic treatment.

Does your office offer any discounts?
There is a 20% discount available if your contract is paid in full the day the braces are applied. We also offer a family discount. You will receive a 10% discount for every family member who receives orthodontic treatment, after the first family member begins orthodontic treatment with our office.

How do I go about getting braces?
There are a few steps that must be completed prior to getting braces. First, we will do a FREE INITIAL VISIT to determine your need for orthodontic treatment. After the preliminary visit,if it deemed necessary to pursue braces, we will take records which are $200.00. About 1-2 weeks after the records are taken, we will do a consultation where we will discuss the actual treatment and the fees associated with your treatment. Once the consultation is complete, we will set up two appointments for braces. The first appointment is for spacers and takes 5-10 minutes. One to two weeks after the spacers are inserted we will apply the braces. This appointment will take 1- 1 1/2 hours and is performed between 9:30am and 11:30am. After the braces are applied, we typically see patients every 4-6 weeks for adjustments.

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